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We take email privacy very seriously We don’t share your details with anyone else and we won’t send you tons of emails. You can unsubscribe at any time from any email we send.

How can you improve without quality feedback?




Mock interviews with an expert interview coach will get you interviewing at your best

We take email privacy very seriously We don’t share your details with anyone else and we won’t send you tons of emails. You can unsubscribe at any time from any email we send.

All Mock Interviews Include:


Intensive sessions with real-world interview questions specific to your role.



Expert interview coach experienced with recruiting at all levels.


Immediate feedback that is robust yet constructive with actionable advice.



Clear, effective coaching to get you performing at your best.



Get expert feedback on your CV and LinkedIn profile.



Detailed follow up written feedback with techniques, actions and areas to focus on.


Get the job you really want with an intensive mock interview & coaching session.


What does one of our recent mock interviewees say?

The mock interview and coaching session was exceptional, really giving me the feedback I needed and getting me confident and ready for my interview. I also got great value from the CV review which was unique, detailed and extremely valuable. The personal touch really made the whole experience for me.

I highly recommend Interview Confident.


Business Analyst

Why are we so successful?


Industry professionals at Director / Head of level with years of expertise recruiting, interviewing and coaching.



Detailed understanding of application, recruitment and selection processes.



We keep in touch with you. Ongoing contact for those inevitable questions that arise.



Fully personalised coaching sessions tailored to you and your target roles/companies.



Mock interviews and coaching completed online using Skype. Anytime, anyplace, even during evenings/weekends.



We get results. Interview Confident customers turn great interviews into great job offers.


How can I learn more?


It all starts with a free 15-minute interview consultation. We’ll run through your situation and the help you’re looking for, and talk through how best to help you.

There’s no pressure to book and whatever happens, we’ll have had a great discussion and you’ll have got some great interview advice.

In this case it really is free, but to put you at ease I'll tell you why I do free calls. Click here to learn more.

1 – Why do I do free calls? Quite simply because the only way to understand the challenges you are having and how to solve them is by speaking to you.

2 – Do I do a heavy sales pitch? No. Never.

3 – What happens during an interview consultation? We spend 10-15 minutes talking through your situation, your previous interviews and your concerns. I offer you advice, tips and techniques to help with your situation. If you are looking for more focused help and feedback then I can tell you the ways in which I can help.

4 – Hang on, you said that there’s no heavy sales pitch. That’s right there’s not. Heavy sales pitches are only used to sell people things they don’t want. If someone asks me how I can help them to have a great CV, or be confident in an interview, or what they need to do to get the job they want. Then I tell them. It’s up to them how much they want the job and therefore what expert help to get them that job is worth. Absolutely no heavy sales pitch ever. There’s simply no need. If someone doesn’t want or need my help it will just be a lovely, productive chat with great free advice.

5 – So how much does it cost? Detailed CV reviews are £60. One to one mock interviews and coaching sessions are £250.

6 – Why would someone pay for one-to-one coaching? Because you really want a role. Maybe because it’s great career step. Maybe because you’ve been not working for a while and need the money. Maybe because you don’t know why you keep missing out on interviews and great roles. Ultimately it’s because you want to get better at interviews and get a great role.

7 – How much is the coaching worth? Only you can decide that. As an example, for a contractor earning £400 a day, every day not working costs them £400. Going for a permanent role? How much is that role going to earn you more than you’re on now? These are just the financial impacts. There are plenty more benefits and reasons why people want roles and therefore choose to work with me.

8 – Can’t afford or don’t want to spend any money? That’s fine. There’s plenty of information on my site that I hope you will find useful.

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