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Struggling to Get IT Interviews?

Learn How To Get the Interviews You Deserve

If You’re Not Getting Interviews…. Your CV is to blame.

Your CV needs to tick three key boxes


✔ It needs to be easy to read – by real people and automated systems.
✔ It needs to highlight specific business results.
✔ It needs to emphasise YOU and the great things you’ve done

Get an expert review of your CV in just 48 hours.

All reviews completed by a former Head of IT.

What will you get? Here’s an example from John, an IT Manager I worked with recently.


✔ We changed his personal profile to include a really great achievement to hook the reader and get them interested.


✔ We optimised the structure to get the most matches by automated systems.


✔ I helped John to understand exactly what he should be highlighting from his experience to make his CV stand out.

John’s Results: He got four Interviews In just one week after my review.


Interviews Within 30 days or your Money Back

Noel Andrews

Noel Andrews


Why Me?


  • 10+ years experience reviewing thousands of CV’s recruiting candidates into my own IT teams.


  • Extensive network of recruiters so I know exactly what they and their systems are looking for.


  • Success every week helping IT candidates get more interviews and the roles that they want.

Three Interviews Just In the Last Week

As a result of your review of my CV, there’s been a noticeable upturn in interest from recruitment agencies.  I’ve become much sharper at knocking up tailored versions for specific jobs.

I’ve had three interviews in the last week and have another phone interview tomorrow.


Dave, Technical Architect.

Immediate Increase in Responses

My updated CV has definitely increased the number of responses I’ve received from agents and potential clients over the past two weeks.


Ian, PMO Specialist.

Succinct, relevant information with quick results.

Noel was very quick to respond and complete my CV Review. In doing so he provided a video with succinct and relevant information how this could be improved to gain the attention of employment agencies and employers.

After reviewing the video a couple of times resulting in updates to my CV this proved very beneficial in me gaining employment soon after. Many thanks for your constructive criticism of my CV.

Wez, IT Test Consultant

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